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Transitioning Your Pre-Teen’s Room to an Organized TeenCave

By the time most children turn 13, they have a combination of beloved childhood items and new video games, electronics, and games – not to mention clothes they’ve outgrown – taking up space in their rooms. Here’s how to decide

We’re Loving – Using Turntables for Storage

Lazy Susans, aka the turntable, have been living in our hearts and kitchens for years. Smaller turntables are used for spices, and larger ones for cereals and other kitchen goodies. But it’s time that we look past the kitchen and

5 Tips for Creating a Homework Hub

The start of school is around the corner and for some of you it has already started. There’s a lot to get in order before the big day arrives – new school supplies, clothing and schedules! Pretty soon your kids

The Perfect Homework Caddy

When school is back in session, the kids take over. Notebooks are on the kitchen counter. Pencils are found in between couch cushions. There are school supplies in every nook and cranny of the home. To minimize unnecessary clutter and

5 Things to do TODAY to get your kids ready for school

All of those snow days from last winter forced many schools to stay in session until the week before Fourth of July. It was a LONG year, folks. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the next school season

5 Ways to Make Packing School Lunches Quicker and Easier

Labor Day has come and gone – farewell summer! – and that means the big yellow buses have taken your kids away. On one hand, this means there is a little less running around from one summer activity to the

Getting Organized for Back to School – Boston Professional Organizer

Summer is nearly over for New England moms and their kids – where does the time go?! It’s a bittersweet time for families – parents will gain a bit more free time, but of course miss seeing their kids throughout