Month: May 2016

Tip Tuesday: How to organize a guest bedroom

As a Boston-based professional organizer, many of my clients have friends and family from out of state visit New England in the summer. After all, Boston and surrounding areas are so picturesque. It’s hard to beat New England as a

PURGE! Socks, Swimsuits and Undergarments

It took a while for the weather to warm up, but summer is around the corner. And that means, beach and pool weather! For this month’s PURGE! category, let’s look at your family’s drawers of swimsuits. Even better, let’s include

A Big Cheer For Moms!

Being a mom is a tough job. Although I wasn’t blessed to be one, moms wear many, many hats. My own Mom was hardworking. Looking back, I see how hard she worked to fit in all of the tasks that