A Big Cheer For Moms!

Happy Mother's Day organizing tips

Being a mom is a tough job. Although I wasn’t blessed to be one, moms wear many, many hats. My own Mom was hardworking. Looking back, I see how hard she worked to fit in all of the tasks that came with motherhood, while working part time as a registered nurse.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’m focusing on my favorite organizing tips that I have heard from moms that I work with.

  1. Say no more often. This is hard to do, but it’s important to put you and your family first. We all have the same amount of time in a day, and you physically can’t do it all. Prioritize important family goals, and if you have spare time to give, then and only then, do you say yes to outside requests.
  1. Get up before the rest of the family. If you set your alarm for 15 – 30 minutes before everyone else, you have the opportunity to get yourself ready, and then make breakfast, help little ones get ready to leave the house, and perhaps even start dinner prep. The Fringe Hours offers great advice about how to make time for yourself, to ensure a proper amount of YOU time.
  1. Use a timer. You can use a kitchen timer, or you can use your smart phone to set a specific time to keep you on track. This will ensure you’re not late for appointments. When it’s chaotic in the home, a friendly reminder it’s time to leave is always helpful.
  1. Have a to-do list. Take advantage of your “fringe hours” to create a to-do list for the day or week. Whether it is on paper or electronic, managing a to-do list helps set priorities and clear your mind for other important items. Why try to remember what you need to do? The best part? Deleting or crossing off the tasks you get done!
  1. Schedule time for yourself. You need to recharge otherwise you won’t be good to anyone if you are running yourself ragged. Schedule ME time. Whether it’s an hour a day, or an entire day each week, you deserve time to decompress and recharge. Put yourself in your calendar for an hour of ‘me’ time and don’t let another appointment or request cause you to delete it. Go for a walk, get a massage, read in a quiet place or just veg. You and your family will benefit from this respite.

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