Month: June 2015

3 Incredible Storage Solutions from Ikea

I’ve shared moving tips in previous blog posts, and there is some great advice surrounding how to execute the packing and moving into another home. One topic that generally comes up after folks move into their homes is storage, or

5 Essentials for a First Aid Kit

It’s summertime, and often that means there’s a greater risk of accidents. From playing in the yard to riding bikes, kids are taking the outdoors by storm, which means it’s imperative that your home and car are equipped with first

Ways to Manage Household Finances

It’s that time of year when those wedding bells start ringing! Oh yes, wedding season is here, and that means many will be starting out on the road of blending household finances. Today’s post goes out to those newlyweds who

How to Catch a Buyer’s Interest When Listing Your Home

Thanks to our guest blogger, Tom Matthews from Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. Tom and his team mate Joanne Taranto assist a wide selection of home buyers and sellers in the Lincoln, Carlisle, Acton and Concord real estate markets. When you