Month: May 2024

Ten Tips for Mastering the Art of Managing Your Mail and Bills

In our digital age, where emails and electronic communication reign supreme, the tangible mailbox might seem like a relic of the past. However, for many of us, paper mail and bills still find their way into our lives on a regular basis. Without proper organization, these physical documents can quickly become overwhelming, leading to missed payments, misplaced important documents, and unnecessary stress.

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Helping People With Hoarding Disorder Through Virtual Reality

Not all professional organizers work with people who hoard because hoarding is a behavioral disorder, and we are not mental health professionals. Professional organizers need to be trained to understand this disorder, or they may do more harm than help. Working collaboratively with a mental health professional and the client is the best way to work with hoarding disorder.

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Eco-Conscious Decluttering and Storage

Last month we blogged about eco-friendly cleaning. Now let’s look at eco-friendly organization. The goal here is to reduce clutter and waste while promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

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