Month: March 2015

Life Lesson: Why everyone in New England needs a vacation in March

At this point, New Englanders are clawing at the opportunity to hop on a plane and fly away to a warmer land. Florida. Mexico. Anywhere warm. Anywhere with a beach. Anywhere without snow! If you don’t live in New England,

Clutter Awareness Week: 5-Day Challenge

  There are so many awareness weeks devoted to topics of all different varieties, but my favorite (surprise, surprise!) is Clutter Awareness Week, which starts next week. This occasion is devoted to helping you see the light – or the

Tip Tuesday: 8 Products You Need to Organize Your Home

If you can believe it, we are 10 days into March. I know, I know. It doesn’t feel like March because of the mounds of snow that have refused to melt. But folks, trust me, spring is around the corner,