Reduce, Restore, Rediscover

Reduce (Step 1)

How many times have you tried to organize your home or office and failed? Sometimes, you simply need to pare down the number of things you care for so you can create more order. Resolutions has an immediate gratification strategy that begins with your most anxiety-producing room. We quickly make changes that allow you to feel a new sense of control.

Restore (Step 2)

Once we have helped you to pare down the non-essentials from your home life or work, we are ready to reorganize the things you truly love, really need, or use frequently. When life starts to feel out of control, there are usually a variety of reasons at work: a heavy workload, a new baby, an aging parent, a move, an illness, an unexpected assignment or any combination of these.

Rediscover (Step 3)

Our final step involves assessing your current routines, habits and priorities, then helping you decide what is most important to you. When your life and work are organized, you are free to do the things you have always wanted to do with your life.