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Do or Don’t: Drop Zones

Your keys likely land in a drop zone. Your kids’ backpacks have a drop zone. The dog leash…drop zone. How important are drop zones in one’s house? I believe they are a necessity. The most important area in a home

PURGE: 5 Things to Get Rid of In Storage Before You Die

I don’t want to sound morbid, but it’s important to broach this topic. Have you thought about what is going to happen to the boxes of untouched items in your attic when you pass? Most people use their basements or

PURGE! Cleaning Out the Playroom

Christmastime is magical for kids, and a part of the magic is the toys that Santa brings. So now that Christmas is behind us – what is the state of your children’s playroom since the onslaught of new toys? It

Start Planning your Winter Vacation NOW

The sun has been shining, and it has been hot around New England. By now, you should have a bit of color on your skin, and a sufficient amount of vitamin D. As you’re enjoying these beautiful summer vibes, you

PURGE! What to Get Rid of at the End of the School Year

I know, I know. You blink, and all of a sudden school is out for the summer. The saying is true, “The days are long, but the years are so short.” Yes, the years are certainly short, but you know

Do or Don’t – Hiring a cleaning service

Cleaning can take a large chunk of time from your week, and if you’re busy with work or kids, it can seem near impossible to stay on top of everything. We all feel so much better when the house is

3 Tips for Living with a Messy Person

  Most people can relate to living with a roommate or significant other who might not have the same organization style. Usually one person is tidier and one person is a bit more relaxed about cleanliness and clutter. For example,

Tip Tuesday – 4 Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room

A couple of weeks ago, we ushered in the first day of spring. Hooray for warmer weather! There is something about spring that ignites the desire to clean and organize, and as a professional organizer in Boston, I couldn’t be

Purge! 5 Things to Purge from Your Command Center

There is one place in the home that is typically the “hub” for the family. This is what I like to call the command center. It can be the desk in your kitchen, a corner in your dining room, or

PURGE! Socks, Swimsuits and Undergarments

It took a while for the weather to warm up, but summer is around the corner. And that means, beach and pool weather! For this month’s PURGE! category, let’s look at your family’s drawers of swimsuits. Even better, let’s include