Month: September 2014

Preparing Your Wardrobe for Fall and Winter: Tips from a Professional Organizer

As September winds down, I always think to myself – where did the summer go? It’s true – it goes by so quickly, but I’m genuinely excited for fall. After all, fall in New England is breathtaking…apple orchards, beautiful foliage,

Tip Tuesday: Kitchen Tips to Tame the Kitchen Clutter

I first touched on kitchen organization when I wrote about how to plan and organize for a move. But now we’re going to dive deeper and walk through a few of my favorite kitchen uncluttering tips. Let’s face it, it’s

5 Ways to Make Packing School Lunches Quicker and Easier

Labor Day has come and gone – farewell summer! – and that means the big yellow buses have taken your kids away. On one hand, this means there is a little less running around from one summer activity to the