Preparing Your Wardrobe for Fall and Winter: Tips from a Professional Organizer

Swapping fall clothes

As September winds down, I always think to myself – where did the summer go? It’s true – it goes by so quickly, but I’m genuinely excited for fall. After all, fall in New England is breathtaking…apple orchards, beautiful foliage, and that perfect crisp in the air. And with that colder crisp comes the need to change out your wardrobe! Out with the shorts, in with the scarves and boots.

By biggest piece of advice is to start NOW. I know, it’s only September, but if you don’t start early, one morning you’ll be greeted by a chilly day and find yourself running around trying to figure out where you stored your jackets. Below is a quick checklist of what you need to do to get your wardrobe ready for the fall and winter:

  • Compile and store your spring/summer clothing – Organize your clothing into categories (shorts, shirts, etc.) and store these items in large Rubbermaid tubs. If you have little storage, look to purchase the containers that can slip under the bed. If you are going to store containers in the basement, ensure the containers you purchase seal tightly, to prevent any insects or unwanted smells from entering.
  • Make a list – Most people end up forgetting where they stored their clothing, so it helps to list out your clothing on an excel sheet so you can look back once spring arrives.
  • Donate old clothing – Look through last year’s fall/winter attire and evaluate what you want to keep and what you want to ditch. This also means you should look through the entry way closet and give away all of those old jackets you haven’t touched in five years.
  • Hang and organize your scarves – Over-the-door hooks can be a great way to keep all of those scarves organized. You can also purchase scarf hangers if the back of your closet door is already filled.
  • Clear space for boots – Boots can take up a lot of room, and they don’t fit in most shoe holders. I always find the best way to tuck away your boots is on a shoe stand. You can designate your boots to the top shelf. Also, to keep them from folding over you can put empty wine or sparkling water bottles inside the boot so they keep their form.
  • Make a dry cleaning run – If you stored all of your jackets in the basement or attic, it’s likely these will need a wash to rid them of that musty smell. If you drop them off now, you’ll be ready to go by the time the first frost rolls in.
  • Make a list of what you need – After you’ve gone through and noted the clothing you’ll be donating, make a list of clothing or shoes you need. Yes, that means you get to go shopping!

I would shoot to check these items off your list by the end of September, that way in October you can enjoy apple picking, sipping cider and other fall activities in your new clothes – and freshly cleaned closet space.

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