Month: January 2017

Do or Don’t – Creating a cleaning schedule

Let’s talk about cleaning. Few people love to clean (unless you’re one of those people who find it therapeutic!). And the last thing you want to schedule time for is CLEANING. Scheduling social activities is fun. Scheduling time to clean…not

Tip Tuesday: Three Things Organized People Do Every Day

Living an organized life is a daily practice. Trust me. It’s a dedicated lifestyle! Like exercising or eating healthy, being organized requires persistence and a strong mental game. It’s hard at first, but once you get into a routine, it

Purge! 3 Things to Purge from Your Bedroom

  Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, right? Take a look around. Does your room give off that calm feeling when you walk into your room? Is it clutter free and serene? Your room is for sleeping, rest