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The Semi-Annual Clothes Swap

If you live in a climate where summer and winter vary enough to require you to have two sets of clothing, then it’s that time again for the semi-annual clothes swap! Here are some tips to help you finish this task.

PURGE! Cleaning Out Your Bedroom Closet

The closet, whether a huge walk-in or a tiny apartment closet, can be the holder of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. It’s the go-to place when folks are looking to hide an item that they can’t get rid of, but

Do or Don’t – Closet Organization Systems

We’ve all seen those beautiful California Closet commercials, glamorizing closet organization systems. The closets are spacious (so spacious!) and appear clean and clutter free. So dreamy, right? Well, I have been asked by clients which is better: purchasing a large-scale

Tip Tuesday: How to organize a guest bedroom

As a Boston-based professional organizer, many of my clients have friends and family from out of state visit New England in the summer. After all, Boston and surrounding areas are so picturesque. It’s hard to beat New England as a

Tip Tuesday: 5 Home-Buying Tips from a Boston Professional Organizer

As the temperatures heat up, so does the housing market. Springtime is usually the hottest time to buy a home as school winds down and folks look to use their summertime to get settled into a new place. As a

What you Need to Know When Buying an Antique Home

  Thanks to our guest blogger, Tom Matthews from Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. Tom and his teammate Joanne Taranto assist a wide selection of homebuyers and sellers in the Lincoln, Carlisle, Acton and Concord real estate markets. Sometimes the best

Clutter Awareness Week: 5-Day Challenge

  There are so many awareness weeks devoted to topics of all different varieties, but my favorite (surprise, surprise!) is Clutter Awareness Week, which starts next week. This occasion is devoted to helping you see the light – or the

Preparing Your Wardrobe for Fall and Winter: Tips from a Professional Organizer

As September winds down, I always think to myself – where did the summer go? It’s true – it goes by so quickly, but I’m genuinely excited for fall. After all, fall in New England is breathtaking…apple orchards, beautiful foliage,

How to Tackle Your Semi-Annual Clothes Swap

I know it is spring because I have been helping a number of my clients organize their bedroom closet. We have been doing the semi-annual seasonal clothes swap.  Once it is done, everyone breathes a sigh of relief, but getting