Purge! Old Linens from Your Closet

Let’s face it, the linen closet is usually a place we hide old towels and sheets. I can use these towels to wash my car. These sheets are perfect for camping. Most of the time, while these are well-intentioned destinations for these older linens, they never leave the shelf, thus taking up space.

Since the beginning of the year I have helped a number of clients get ready to move, and the one closet that is always overflowing is their linen closet. Once we start examining bed linens and towels, they are so embarrassed about the condition of some of the items they have been storing.

Let’s face it; we (unless we just moved or cleaned out our linen closet) have a few linens and towels that really need to go. It always helps my clients know that any old, stained, ripped sheets and towels can be donated to animal shelters. I have a friend who volunteers weekly at a local animal shelter and she is so happy when I give her my client’s old linens. The shelters are always in need of those items to help make a comfy bed for the cats and dogs that live there.

The other issue I see is that people do tend to have an abundance of sheets for their beds. In reality, you only need two sets of sheets for each bed. That number can be expanded to two sets for summer and two sets for winter if you like to sleep in heavier sheets in the colder months.

Set aside some time to really examine your linen closet and see if there aren’t a few items that need to pass along. If you are short on quantity of an item, jot it down and put it on your holiday gift list!

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