Month: July 2023

Do Not Leave a “Shred” of your ID in Your Trash

You have been diligent about sorting through papers (good for you!), and now you have a stack of documents to discard. Wait! Do any of these contain private information, such as your name, address, phone, email, date of birth, account number, medical history, financial information, or prescription drug labels, among others? You cannot just toss these into the trash. Once something is in the trash, it is free game for anyone to take, including scammers and others who can sell your information on the dark web, exposing you to identity theft and other scams.

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Prevent Travel Hassles with These Under-the-Radar Tips

In previous blog posts, I have suggested useful items to pack when traveling. Here are some additional under-the-radar travel tips for avoiding some major inconveniences, such as having your data stolen, running out of juice on your phone, and paying fees for overweight luggage.

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Do You Suffer From Lethologica?

I recently added a new word to my vocabulary: Lethologica, the inability to remember a particular word or name

Now, I just need to remember “lethologica”!
If you are like me, here are some effective strategies to enhance your memory:

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