Month: January 2015

Life Lessons: How to power through the depths of the long, cold winter

In New England, after the holidays are over, many of us find our spirits sinking a bit. I also know that because we’re spending more time in the home, there is this constant mental activity of “what needs to be

Tip Tuesday: Finding the right calendar system for you

Walk through the mall, or visit any online stationery company, and you’ll see stacks of 2015 calendars. But which one is right and the most effective for you?   We discussed time management tips in our last post, and now

5 things to change TODAY to help you manage your time – Tips from a Boston Professional Organizer

It’s the new year, and it’s time to refresh, reignite your passions, and reinvigorate your minds! We are all aspiring to achieve our resolutions and goals, but before you get started (you guessed it!) you need to get organized. Perhaps

Cheers to the New Year – And Your Resolutions

Welcome to 2015, everyone! The new year, and all it brings, highlights the heart of my business. It’s a time to renew and create resolutions. While the new year is a time we think about resolutions the most, I’m especially