Life Lessons: How to power through the depths of the long, cold winter

Life Lessons: How to power through the depths of the long, cold winter

In New England, after the holidays are over, many of us find our spirits sinking a bit. I also know that because we’re spending more time in the home, there is this constant mental activity of “what needs to be done, organized, purged, cleaned…” and thus we can feel overwhelmed.

There are simple daily activities you can do to feel more awake and engaged with your daily life. Clients have told me that once they are up and moving, they are motivated to tackle the day. A few tricks to get you up in the morning are to use a programmable thermostat so that your heat comes on and your house is warm when you are ready to get out of bed. There is nothing worse than waking up in a cold room. Another action that helps is setting your alarm to a music station that will get you up and going. I’m not talking about workout music, rather music that will inspire you!

I have also found that planning your morning the night before will give you a reason to wake up with an ambitious attitude. It also takes the mystery out of what you want to accomplish in a day and will help you feel less overwhelmed. For example, if you go to the gym in the morning, pack your gym bag the night before. That way there are no excuses for not waking up.

To ensure you’re hitting your daily to-dos and goals, evaluate having a friend or family member as your accountability partner. I am sure someone you know is procrastinating on a big project – or neglecting going to the gym! By pairing up, you can check in with each other and stay on track.

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