Month: September 2015

Check in: Have you reached your 2015 goals?

No need to fire the alarm if you haven’t reached your goals, as we still have 3 more months left in 2015. The end of September is always a great time to check in on the progress toward your personal

3 Things to Purge As Fall Arrives

When it comes to getting rid of “stuff” cluttering the house or yard, we all have items that need to either leave permanently or be put away for the season. So what are we focusing on this month? Summer. Yes,

Tip Tuesday: 5 Essentials for a Better Organized Kitchen

We’re halfway through September, and that means we’re nearing the primetime for cooking and entertaining. I absolutely love cooking and spending time with guests over the holidays…but if my kitchen is in disarray, it is less enjoyable. Quite frankly, I

Enjoy the Day, Folks. Happy Labor Day!

Wow, where has the summer gone? It always goes by so quickly. It’s already Labor Day but it seems like yesterday that there was snow on the ground and we were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of warmer days. Those