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How to Store and Save Lego Creations

Ah Lego… Sitting in their neatly boxed kits on toy store shelves these tiny bricks seem full of possibilities. Lego has been proven to foster creativity, build imagination, and improve problem solving skills. They are also an excellent way to

PURGE! Cleaning Out the Playroom

Christmastime is magical for kids, and a part of the magic is the toys that Santa brings. So now that Christmas is behind us – what is the state of your children’s playroom since the onslaught of new toys? It

Tip Tuesday – Easy Steps to Organize a Kids Playroom

  Organizing a playroom sounds oxymoronic. If a playroom is “organized” then can the kids actually “play”? The answer is yes! With a few simple steps – and organizing materials – you can turn your kids’ playroom into a functional