Tip Tuesday – Easy Steps to Organize a Kids Playroom

Organizing Kids playroom


Organizing a playroom sounds oxymoronic. If a playroom is “organized” then can the kids actually “play”? The answer is yes! With a few simple steps – and organizing materials – you can turn your kids’ playroom into a functional – and fun! – space. I pride myself in putting the “fun” in functional! J Follow these easy steps and you’ll be well on your way:

  1. Sort & Purge – I think you’re starting to see a pattern with me regularly discussing the art of purging. With the start of every organization project, you should be diligent about getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. In this case, talk with your kids to see what toys they don’t touch anymore. Then, either make a pile to send away, or tuck them away in a box in the attic or basement for future generations.
  2. Create Zones – Think about what activities are performed in this space, and break the room down into appropriate zones. If you have a child who only focuses on her dollhouse and accessories, make this a primary space for her to play. If you have a lot of books, create a reading corner.
  3. Categorize – Within the zones, think about what toys can be grouped together, and purchase bins where those items can be stored. An easy way to store these bins is to tuck them under tables or benches. That way they’re out of the way, and you also have available seating and tabletop space! Sometimes it’s also effective to create a bin for each child so they can easily find their toys.
  4. Make it Kid Friendly – Most playrooms have books, and instead of storing these books on a normal bookshelf where the spine faces out, store these on a kid-friendly bookshelf with the cover facing out. You can also use something as simple as a decorative box so kids flip through and choose their favorite book by looking at the picture on the front!
  5. Think Beyond the Toys – If you regularly interact with your children in the playroom, you should think about having appropriate seating. If you regularly read to them, perhaps a beanbag would be a great cozy option! Also think about using the wall space to help organize. Use hooks to hang backpacks and even frequently worn costumes. With Halloween coming up, you know these costumes will need a home!

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