Month: July 2015

3 Ways to Manage Your Laundry Better

Laundry. I’ll admit it’s not the most glamorous topic. Now, I know some people who love to organize (ahem, yours truly). I’ve met people who get a kick out of purging junk. But laundry? I’m not sure I’ve met anyone

Tip Tuesday: 5 Tips to a More Organized Garden Space

July is the heart of gardening season in New England. The tomatoes are starting to fruit, cucumbers are getting larger by the minute, and the squash is reproducing like crazy. It’s certainly wonderful to grow and harvest your own fruits

PURGE IT! 3 Things You Should Purge Today

It always amazes me how everyday household items can start to pile up. It’s like a weed that has multiplied throughout the yard! That’s why it’s important to take the time to – you guessed it – purge! This is

Happy 4th of July

Today we’re celebrating Independence Day in the United States. Give yourself the day off to celebrate. Attend a local parade, check out a fireworks display, or enjoy a picnic outside. Don’t forget to proudly fly your flag! Photo: Cottage and