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Sharing Your Gratitude for Posterity

This Thanksgiving, start a new tradition: the gratitude tablecloth.

Set your table with a plain white tablecloth. Give everyone a Sharpie or other permanent marker. Have all guests write something they are thankful for this year. Do not forget to include the little ones—they will have the cutest comments. Of course, you will need to write it out for them, but, depending on their age, they can write their name or draw a picture. Or you can trace their handprint. Make sure that everyone signs their name and the year.

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A Hand-y Guide to Food Portions

We are in the middle of National Eating Season. OK, admittedly, it is not a real thing, but you know what I mean: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, and New Year’s. Those my friends, comprise too many occasions to over-indulge in delicious meals and snacks.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

We all love gathering around the dining room table with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Did you know that it is truly possible for the host to relax and enjoy the day if these three tips are observed to reduce the stress of hosting Thanksgiving dinner?

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How to Plan the Perfectly Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Holiday

Unfortunately, the number of cases of COVID-19 are rising. In light of these startling statistics, we are all wondering how to plan the perfectly socially distanced Thanksgiving holiday this year. Here are a few tips for spending time with friends and family while still partaking in Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings without contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I wrote about giving thanks a couple of days ago, and now I want to thank you on this wonderful Thanksgiving day! Thank you to my clients and those who read my blog. Because of you I’m able to do

It’s Time to Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving week! Wow, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. I’m sure you’re busy putting your Thanksgiving Day menu together, cleaning the house and putting up festive decorations. But there is something you’re forgetting. Have

Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks and counting all the ways you’re grateful can be a challenging task amidst the holiday chaos. Before or after you feast with friends and family, take some time to think about what or who you’re grateful for this

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been an amazing year thus far, with another month to go – what a ride it has been! I’m incredibly thankful for my clients who make each day fun and exciting, and I’m grateful I get to wake up

Time for Turkey – and De-cluttering: Dining Room Prep from a Boston Professional Organizer

Ding-dong. Grandma is at the door. With her pumpkin pie and high expectations. Okay, so perhaps we have a bit of time before the turkey makes its return, but not much. There are about three weeks until T-day. It’s time