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Do or Don’t – Wall Mounted Utility Holder

Cleaning products like brooms and mops are a must, but most of the time these can take up valuable space in a storage closet. They can also look sloppy sitting in a corner. Instead of using the horizontal space on

We’re Loving – Baskets for the Fall

When I think of fall and winter, I think of cozying up the home. I think of the L.L. Bean catalogs featuring slippers, blankets and flannel EVERYTHING. It’s a warm feeling, and a feeling unlike any other. As we start

Do or Don’t: Junk Drawer

There’s a guilty pleasure lurking in every home across the country. It’s something most people don’t talk about, and most can’t live without. You know what? This guilty pleasure is okay in my book. I’m talking about the good ol’

3 Things to PURGE in the New Year

Out with the old, in with the new, right? I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase thrown around this month. After all, this month is all about what we can do to refresh every compartment of our lives. There is certainly

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6 Mudroom Essentials for Staying Organized

The mudroom is often the first point of entry into a home, and can quickly go from tidy to turbulent. Family members will take their shoes off, throw their backpacks on the floor, leave trash lying around…you get the drill.