Do or Don’t: Junk Drawer

junk drawer organizing

There’s a guilty pleasure lurking in every home across the country. It’s something

most people don’t talk about, and most can’t live without. You know what? This

guilty pleasure is okay in my book. I’m talking about the good ol’ junk drawer.


How many of you have a junk drawer? Fess up. I believe that there is no crime in

having a junk drawer in either your kitchen or mudroom – or any other room –

located on the main floor of your home. I do, however, believe that it should NOT

be a dumping ground for items you simply want to shove in a drawer and forget.


Junk drawers that function well are, of course, organized, and members of the

family understand what belongs inside. Getting it organized is very simple.


Step 1: Empty out the drawer and place items on a clear countertop. Throw away

any obvious items that you simply don’t need. A great example of these are the

to-go chopsticks or packets of condiments from ordering food.


Step 2: Next, go through the remaining items to decide if there is another spot in

the house where the item belongs. Think hair accessories, tools like

screwdrivers, and batteries.


Step 3: Group the items in a pile based on the room they should be stored in.

When you are done getting the junk drawer organized, you can then distribute

these items to their proper homes.


Step 4: Finally, the remaining items are items that do belong in the junk drawer.

Below is a short list of things that you should store in the junk drawer:

-Spare keys

-Rubber bands






Group like items together and use a drawer organizer to help keep the items

separated and from sliding around. Once you’re done organizing, it’s going to

feel incredible. Regular weeding out will keep it remain orderly.


It may be called a junk drawer, but it doesn’t need to look that way!

Image: The Kitchn


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