Tip Tuesday: 5 Favorite Spring Cleaning Products

Spring cleaning products

March is the gateway to warmer months, and also ushers in one of my favorite seasons – spring! When you think of spring, your mind can go many different directions – flowers, baseball, daylight savings, sunshine and, you guessed it, cleaning!

During the winter months a home can develop a layer of dirt and dust. The windows are closed. Sand and salt are tracked in from the snowy streets. The air can be stale. Enter spring, a time to pop open the windows, and elevate the home to a fresh, clean and organized status.

Last year I shared my favorite products to help with your spring organizing. This year I’m focusing on the must-have products to help you clean. Below is my list of spring cleaning essentials.

  1. Long, slim duster – There are many tight spaces in a home, and this handy contraption will ensure you’re able to get under your appliances and furniture, as well as reach behind your refrigerator.
  1. Rubber gloves – Don’t start a cleaning project without these! Rubber gloves will help keep your manicure perfect and keep your hands out of dirty water.
  1. Microfiber mitt – Did I mention dust? In addition to the long duster, the microfiber mitt will allow you to get into the crevices that you might have missed during the first round of dusting.
  1. White vinegar – White vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. Use this liquid mixed with water or straight out of the bottle. White vinegar can eliminate a majority of your cleaning products as it acts as a deodorizer, brightener, and all-purpose cleaner.
  1. Sponges – Yes, these are great for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, but they are also useful to help remove hair from upholstery. Before you use them, cut them in half to save money. Sometimes a full sponge can be too much to get into crevices and grooves.

It can be hard to make time to deep clean and organize a home. Remember to schedule time to take on this project. It’s okay if you can only devote time to tackling a room a day. Set realistic expectations for yourself, and you’ll find these projects are easier to manage.

Photo: Real Simple / Sang An

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