Month: October 2015

5 Spooky Realizations of a Professional Organizer

My chosen career as a professional organizer is a niche. I get it. I’m one of those rare individuals who have a passion for turning clutter into clean. And nasty into neat. This is spooky enough, isn’t it? As we

Tip Tuesday: 5 Organizing Tips for Working Moms

A mom’s work is never done. Whether you are a mom that works out of the home, or a mother who heads to the office during the day, all women, when you become a mom, are working moms. You wear

RESET DAY: Cleaning routines with your kids

I’m excited to introduce a new series of blog posts called “Reset Day”! This series is dedicated to helping you “reset” an area of your life so you can effectively reignite and move forward more efficiently. Today we’re talking about