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Get Organized for the IRS by Gathering Your Tax Return Information Early

Just like every other aspect of your life, “doing your taxes” can be vastly improved by a bit of planning and organization. The best time to get organized for the IRS is BEFORE tax documents start landing in your mailbox, or online accounts. Spending 15 minutes the first week of February will save you time when it comes to meeting with your tax preparer, certified public accountant, or sitting down with TurboTax. It will also help avoid potential refund delays or IRS penalties if you end up owing this year. Here are some tried and true tips on getting organized for the IRS.

Tip Tuesday: Last-Minute Tax Tips

There are many positives about tax day. I’ve heard of Chipotle giving away free burritos. Free gifts at retailers. Free coffee. Come on, it’s pretty awesome…if you’ve actually filed your taxes. If you haven’t, it can feel oh-so overwhelming. It’s time to get