Month: October 2016

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has fun Halloween plans! It the spirit of the spookiness that the season brings, I want to ask you one question: what scares you the most as you look around your house? It’s Halloween and you shouldn’t

A Checklist for Prepping Your Home Exterior for Winter

This time of year is bittersweet. The warm weather is gone. The barbecues have come to an end. Your garden is slowly dwindling away. The good news is this time of year is festive, and oh-so fun! With November a

3 Tips to Clean Up Your Computer Desktop

Okay, fess up. If I looked at your computer desktop right now, how many of you have a desktop littered with so many files that you can hardly see your background image? I see it all the time, and I

We’re Loving – Baskets for the Fall

When I think of fall and winter, I think of cozying up the home. I think of the L.L. Bean catalogs featuring slippers, blankets and flannel EVERYTHING. It’s a warm feeling, and a feeling unlike any other. As we start