Month: November 2017

Tip Tuesday: Ways to Avoid Procrastination This Holiday Season

The countdown is on. Thanksgiving is over, and the turkey leftovers have been devoured. We are less than a month away from Christmas! As much as we try to plan ahead, it always seems that we run out of time

5 Guest Bedroom Must-Haves

Tis the season for hosting! If your home will serve as holiday headquarters for some friends and family, it’s time to get your guest bedroom ready. Aside from the standard clean sheets and towels, what else do your guests actually

Reset Day: Keeping Linens Organized

Grab a washcloth and the stack falls over, spilling onto the bed linens. The bed linens are also a mess. Actually, the entire closet needs some attention. Sound familiar? This is common in many households so there is no reason

My little joys

All of us have our thing around the home. Some people can’t operate if their refrigerator isn’t perfectly organized. Others can’t stand even the tiniest bit of dust on a surface. My little joys? A clean kitchen counter, free of