My little joys

My little joys

All of us have our thing around the home. Some people can’t operate if their refrigerator isn’t perfectly organized. Others can’t stand even the tiniest bit of dust on a surface. My little joys? A clean kitchen counter, free of any clean or dirty dishes and crumbs. I have an open floor layout so my living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one big room, meaning my kitchen can be seen as soon as I walk in the door. When I enter my home and see a clutter-free and clean kitchen, I am a happy camper.

The other thing? Making my bed. I love when I enter my bedroom and my bed has been made. I feel calm when I can go into my bedroom and see the bed nicely made and ready for me to jump in at night. I rarely leave the house without making my bed. The only exception is on those rare occasions when I have forgotten to set my alarm. I wake up in a panic and have to leave as soon as possible, leaving the bed undone. Don’t you hate mornings like that?

My balcony is also my happy place. I am fair skinned and I try to avoid sitting in the sun. My balcony never gets any direct sunlight, which means I can relax and soak in the fresh air all I want! As a matter of fact, I am sitting out here as I write this today. The other great part of my balcony is that it is fully screened in. Therefore, there are no bugs, which is another huge bonus for me. I can also have dinner out there by myself or with a couple of friends. It is not a huge balcony but perfect for intimate settings.

What is your thing, and what areas of your home make you happy?


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