Reset Day: Keeping Linens Organized

Keeping Linens Organized

Grab a washcloth and the stack falls over, spilling onto the bed linens. The bed linens are also a mess. Actually, the entire closet needs some attention. Sound familiar? This is common in many households so there is no reason to feel ashamed! Keeping linens organized isn’t a hard task.

Last month, we talked about getting rid of unused and damaged items in your home and linen closet, and today we will address how to take it a step further and keep your linen closet from looking like a bomb went off. Let’s get started!

  1. Tame your sheets – I love to keep sheets stored together as sets in a pillowcase, especially when your household has different size beds. Simply take one of the pillowcases and place the folded sheet set inside. Next time you make your bed, you aren’t scrambling to find the fitted and flat sheets as well as the matching pillowcases.
  2. Create labels – The power of the label! As I’ve shared, my favorite organizing tool is the label maker. Once you get your linen closet the way you want it organized, the best way to keep it that way is to label the shelves. When you or someone else has to put items away, there is a higher probability of keeping your closet the way you want it be organized.
  3. Use bins or baskets – If you are like most people, you keep more than towels and sheets in your linen closet. Many people store pain medication, Epsom salts and other health and wellness products. Nothing is worse than waking up sick in the middle of the night and not being able to locate an item to alleviate your issue. If you store like with like in bins or baskets (labeled of course), it will be really easy to retrieve what you need. Storing your first aid, pain meds, and any other category all together in one bin will not only help you find what you need, but hopefully eliminate duplicate purchases.
  4. Place cleaning supplies on a lazy susan – For some of you, your linen closet is big enough to also contain cleaning supplies for the bathroom or that level of your house. One way to corral the items is to use a lazy susan. Cleaning products are used regularly, and a lazy susan will allow you to easily locate what you need without have to dig.

Do you keep other types of items in your linen closet? If so, what tips do you have for keeping your linen closet organized?

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