Month: October 2014

A Lesson in Keeping it Simple – From a Boston Professional Organizer

Around this time of year we all start mentally stressing out with all that needs to be done. Halloween is around the corner. I’m hosting Thanksgiving…with my crazy in-laws. And then the holidays. What? The holiday? They’re already here? SIGH.

Tip Tuesday – Easy Steps to Organize a Kids Playroom

  Organizing a playroom sounds oxymoronic. If a playroom is “organized” then can the kids actually “play”? The answer is yes! With a few simple steps – and organizing materials – you can turn your kids’ playroom into a functional

Keeping Your Family Activity Calendar Organized

  I was talking to a busy working mother recently and she made the comment, “Sometimes it feels like I’m running a business with these Excel documents for family expenses and a master calendar for all meetings and activities.” The