Year: 2014

Merry Christmas from Your Boston Professional Organizer

Wow, it has been a heck of the year. I’m sitting here smiling and thinking about the amazing people I’ve met over the last year. I truly love what I do and who I get to work with every day.

2015 Goal Setting: Six Dos & Don’ts from a Boston Professional Organizer

We’re just over halfway through the month of December, and along with all of the holiday prep, we should be thinking about our 2015 plans. It’s important to reflect on 2014, and gather your thoughts on what you’d like to

5 Lifestyle Tips from Holiday Classics: Tips from a Boston Professional Organizer

As we cozy into the holiday season, I can’t help but think about the memorable holiday movies that have hit the big screen over the years. These movies have become staples of many family’s traditions (including mine), and while these

Tip Thursday: Tackling your holiday gift list and avoiding these “naughty” mistakes

Happy December, everyone! We officially kicked off the countdown to Christmas, and are four days into the merriment of December. For many of us, here’s the situation. You still have stacked containers (labeled properly, of course) of Thanksgiving leftovers in

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been an amazing year thus far, with another month to go – what a ride it has been! I’m incredibly thankful for my clients who make each day fun and exciting, and I’m grateful I get to wake up

Tip Tuesday – Six Steps to Ease the Packing Process During the Holidays

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go… These holiday lyrics are true for many Americans looking to spend time with their family and friends in faraway lands. According to the US Department of Transportation, during

Free the Fridge: Organizing Your Fridge for Turkey Day Leftovers – Tips from a Professional Organizer

This Saturday is “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”. Yes, there is a specific day devoted to rallying Americans to reach into the scary depths of their refrigerators and clear out what is old, crusty and otherwise no good. This day

Time for Turkey – and De-cluttering: Dining Room Prep from a Boston Professional Organizer

Ding-dong. Grandma is at the door. With her pumpkin pie and high expectations. Okay, so perhaps we have a bit of time before the turkey makes its return, but not much. There are about three weeks until T-day. It’s time

A Lesson in Keeping it Simple – From a Boston Professional Organizer

Around this time of year we all start mentally stressing out with all that needs to be done. Halloween is around the corner. I’m hosting Thanksgiving…with my crazy in-laws. And then the holidays. What? The holiday? They’re already here? SIGH.

Tip Tuesday – Easy Steps to Organize a Kids Playroom

  Organizing a playroom sounds oxymoronic. If a playroom is “organized” then can the kids actually “play”? The answer is yes! With a few simple steps – and organizing materials – you can turn your kids’ playroom into a functional