We’re Loving – Using Turntables for Storage

Using Turntables for Storage

Lazy Susans, aka the turntable, have been living in our hearts and kitchens for years. Smaller turntables are used for spices, and larger ones for cereals and other kitchen goodies. But it’s time that we look past the kitchen and use these brilliant storage solutions for other places in the home. Here are a few other ways you can use turntables for storage.

  1. Homework Supplies – Place a turntable in the center of a homework table and store those must-have homework necessities. You can use jars or any recycled can (bonus: fun project for the kids to decorate) to hold pens, markers, colored pencils, and any other school supplies. Designating one jar for each type of supply makes it easy to grab, and more importantly, easy for clean up! Also, you can use this idea for your arts and crafts.
  2. Bathroom Essentials – Housing all your tall bottles of lotion, nail polish remover, hair spray and any other toiletries can allow you to freely access the item without forgetting you have it. How often do you forget something is in your bathroom cabinet because you simply can’t dig behind the clutter?
  3. Laundry Room – Place a turntable on the laundry room shelf to store your detergent, stain remover and other laundry room essentials.

These are just a few alternative spots in the home where the turntable can be useful. You can also try doubling up on these turntables in the kitchen. Using two turntables can maximize your storage space. The first level can house oils and vinegars or other tall items. The second level can be used for spices or shorter items.

What other areas in your home do you use a lazy susan?

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