5 Secret Storage Spots

Storage. This is a mighty must-have in any home, and many people are of the mindset that the more storage, the better. How about secret storage spots? In many New England homes, especially those that are older, storage is limited. As a certified professional organizer with 20 years under my belt, I have worked with many clients who have small or tight spaces. These solutions may not make any Feng Shui specialist happy, but sometimes you need to work with what you have.

  1. Kitty Corner Hiding Spots – I had a client who lived in a one-bedroom condo and needed to store her luggage. Her closets were typical New England size – small – and she didn’t have any storage space outside her condo. I looked at her couch, which was positioned kitty corner with two walls behind it and asked her if anything was behind the couch. She said no, and I started to smile. I asked her if she would be opposed to storing her luggage there. She loved the idea and no one was the wiser!
  2. Under the Bed – This is really going to bother a Feng Shui specialist, but sometimes it is the only option. Purchase bed risers so that larger under-the-bed storage containers can fit under the bed. I have seen clients store off-season or rarely worn clothing, as well as wrapping paper and wrapping supplies. Don’t knock it if you are tight on space!
  3. Look up – If you’re lacking space on the lower level, there’s always space above! A great example of this is above the kitchen cabinets. Is there enough space for you to buy a container to your liking that ideally would also have a cover to it to minimize grease and dust from getting on your items? I have seen many kitchens that utilize this extra space, and with the right storage container, it looks great.
  4. Coffee Table or Ottoman – Don’t overlook this common piece of living room furniture! Sometimes in order to have a functional home, the furniture we select must not only serve the intended purpose, but it must also allow for storage! I currently have a wicker chest in my living room that acts as a coffee table, but also hides the bedding for my sleeper couch. I also have an ottoman that I use for storing games and extra remotes that aren’t used daily.
  5. Pullout Pantry – The space next to your refrigerator can be oh-so valuable. With the right handy person, you can construct a pullout pantry to store everything from condiments and peanut butter to vitamins. Most of us have this annoying small space between our fridge and it is a hidden storage space that we all should use and love!

What are your favorite secret storage ideas?

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