Do or Don’t: Magazine Subscriptions

Reading can be therapeutic and relaxing, especially in short form via magazines. I love my magazines. I have a number of magazine subscriptions, and yes, I still receive the paper versions. I am in front of my computer and iPhone so much during the day that it feels great to curl up with a magazine and get away from technology for a moment. My first job was working at Time Inc. and perhaps that is where I get my love for printed magazines.

The most important question to ask yourself is this: do you read your magazines? I make sure that I am reading the magazine and not just letting them pile up collecting dust and creating clutter in my home. As busy as I am, I am able to keep up with four magazine subscriptions. I recently chose not to continue with one subscription as I was finding that I was constantly behind and it seemed to come faster than I could read them. In my case, that magazine was becoming a burden rather a joy.

When working with a client and this question comes up, I always ask them to show me where they keep any magazines that they have. If there is a large pile, we go through them so I can see the different magazines and the dates on them. If they receive a news magazine and it is older than 2 weeks old, it is indeed old news. If they find that they can’t keep up on a particular magazine, then I do suggest they cancel the subscription or prioritize another magazine that is more important to them. It’s a matter of balance. Your pile of magazines should bring you pleasure, not make you feel guilty.

If you find that you’re not keeping up at all with your magazine subscriptions, you can always buy them as a special treat for yourself. I know a number of clients and friends that will only buy a magazine if they are traveling or if they see it and see an article that interests them.

What are your thoughts about magazine subscriptions? There is no correct answer. Instead, it is a personal decision and actually a lifestyle decision.


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