6 Mudroom Essentials for Staying Organized

Mudroom Organization

The mudroom is often the first point of entry into a home, and can quickly go from tidy to turbulent. Family members will take their shoes off, throw their backpacks on the floor, leave trash lying around…you get the drill. In order to maintain some level of sanity, there are some essential products you should consider to help tame the clutter.

  1. Pegs – These are essential to giving every hanging object a home. Hang handbags, backpacks, and shopping bags. By installing pegs or hooks, your floor will be clear of all of those bags (accidents waiting to happen) and easier to find. Hanging two sets of pegs at different heights may accommodate the backpacks on one level and handbags and shopping bags on the higher level.
  1. Charging station – How many times have you been wandering around the house, wondering…where did I put my iPad? Where is my iPhone? Most families I work with have multiple devices that need to be charged. The mudroom is a great place to have a charging station for your cell phone and tablets. Your electronic devices will always be by the door when you leave, fully charged, so there is less of a chance you’ll forget them.
  1. Shoe racks or cubbies – One of the best parts of a mudroom is that you can ditch those dirty shoes that typically track mud and gravel into the home. However, oftentimes these shoes can be strewn about the mudroom floor, and in complete disarray. The great news is that you can build in designated shelves or cubbies for each member of your family. Shoe racks can be tucked in the bottom of a closet or underneath an entry bench. Be sure to trim down the existing collection of shoes to avoid all the shoes in the entire house being stored in this area.
  1. Baskets and bins – Using baskets or bins that match your décor can really transform your mudroom, and provide much needed organizational space. Make sure to label them so it is easy to retrieve items, and most importantly, easy to put away.
  1. Message board – The mudroom is a central hub in the home, and a great spot to communicate with the rest of the family. You can install a bulletin board and/or white board as a “message center” for major announcements or even daily inspiration. If used appropriately, these boards are also a great location for notes and schedules.
  1. Trash & recycling bin – I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, I am a true believer that every room should have a garbage can. Additionally, you can add a recycling bin right where you enter the home to easily get rid of junk mail and anything you don’t want before it enters your home. Add a shredder to the mix and eliminate the potential threat of releasing personal information into the world.

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens


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