Five Home Organizers in Disguise

Five Home Organizers in Disguise

Nobody says you must buy expensive containers to get organized… unless, of course, you want to. Take a look around the house: What is already there that could be multipurposed to help contain your items? Let’s explore five such vessels that could substitute for home organizers in disguise.

Mason Jars – There are different size mason jars. Their genius lies in the fact that they are clear so that you can see precisely what is inside and in what quantity. The jars are particularly great for storing items used in crafting, to name one use, and are easily placed in pantries, and garages. As to the latter, I have even seen folks drill holes in mason jar tops so that after screwing them on, they can be placed on nails on the underside of shelfs for even easier accessibility.

Fishing Tackle Box – There are so many possible items to store in this box. Have you thought about keeping your makeup or art supplies such as beads, colored pencils, paints, or chalk In one? In the kitchen, you could free up or at least clean up your junk drawer by putting all its small contents into the tackle box for greater accessibility, thus decluttering your kitchen. Drawers are often in short supply, so why not possibly free one up by utilizing a tackle box?

Fabric Bins – These are great for your bedroom closets for sorting socks, underwear, workout tops, and leggings. What’s more, consider utilizing one or more in the front entry way for storing gloves, hats, scarves, and seasonal items such as suntan lotion, glasses, and dog leashes and poop bags.

Shoe Boxes – Talk about a free storage container! The nice thing about using a shoe box is that you are able to customize it to match wherever you place it. Use wrapping paper to disguise the boxes. They are great for small toys or under the sink items.

Kitchen Drawer Containers – These containers are not only used to corral your cooking utensils in the drawers of your kitchen but are also great to use in your office drawers. In fact, keep your pens and pencils separate from other office supplies such as paperclips, small sticky notes, and binder clips. I have used these in bathrooms to keep combs, toothbrushes, hair clips, dental floss, and makeup from becoming a jumbled mess in my own drawers.

What else do you personally use in your home that may not officially qualify as your typical organizer?

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