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Green Cleaning and Organization: How to Tidy Up Your Home While Being Eco-Friendly

In this age of increasing environmental consciousness, many of us are striving to reduce our carbon footprint and to live more sustainably. One area where this mindset can be applied is in the way we clean and organize our homes. From choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products to implementing eco-conscious organization methods, there are plenty of ways to tidy up while being kind to the planet.

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Nine Strategies for Organizing and Decluttering Old Photos

Organizing and decluttering old photos can be a sentimental journey, but it is also a task that can quickly become overwhelming without a plan. Here are some strategies to help you efficiently organize and declutter your collection of old photos:

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Eat That Frog! You Will Not Croak

Have you heard of “eat the frog” as a strategy for accomplishing your daily goals? Think about it. How gross would it be to eat a frog for breakfast? Think again. If you DID eat that frog, or finish you most loathsome job first, wouldn’t your remaining chores seem easier, if not downright pleasurable?

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Eleven Strategies for Backing Up Your Home Computer (That Would Make an IT Pro Proud)

Backing up your home computer is crucial for protecting your data from loss due to hardware failures, malware, accidental deletion, or theft. Here are some good strategies for backing up your home computer:

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Say Goodbye to Less-Loved Books

If, like several of my clients, you are an avid reader, you have bookshelves crammed with books and piles of books you have not read. At some point, you find yourself running out of space, but you cannot fit another bookcase in your home. Alternatively, you are planning to move and do not want to pack up or pay for movers to haul dozens of boxes of (heavy) books.

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What to Flush From Your Bathroom (That Is Not What I Mean)

Your bathroom is the smallest room in your house so you might not think of it as a space needing decluttering because it does not hold as many things. Oh, you are very much mistaken!

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I Know It Is Here Somewhere

For the shortest month of the year, here is my shortest blog of the year: a quick tip that is so easy to implement that you will make it part of your lifestyle.

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Seven ‘Housekeeping’ Chores to Perform on Your Mobile Phone Today

Managing apps on a mobile phone can help improve performance, free up storage space, and make it easier to find and use the apps you need. Here are seven ‘housekeeping’ chores to perform on your mobile phone today to help you achieve such goals:

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Eleven Creative Storage Solutions

Creative storage solutions can help you keep your belongings organized while also adding aesthetic appeal to your living spaces. Here are eleven creative ways to store belongings:

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Eight Factors Driving the Psychology of Clutter

Ever wonder why we clutter? The psychology behind clutter is complex and can vary from person to person, but here are eight factors that contribute to why people accumulate and struggle with clutter:

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