3 Ways to Manage Your Laundry Better

Organizing Laundry Room

Laundry. I’ll admit it’s not the most glamorous topic. Now, I know some people who love to organize (ahem, yours truly). I’ve met people who get a kick out of purging junk. But laundry? I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who absolutely craves putting dirty clothes into a dark, swirling hole.

That said we must discuss this topic. After all, we all do laundry, so why not learn how to make this task more efficient? Keep these three laundry organization tips in mind and save time and angst when doing your next load of laundry.

  1. Sorting – Save yourself the headache of sorting a big pile of your family’s laundry, and create two separate laundry baskets – darks and whites. Put laundry baskets in both the bedrooms and your bathrooms to make it more convenient for the dirty clothing to get stored away properly. The last thing you want to be doing is walking around a room, picking up dirty clothes!
  1. Timing – There are two schools of thought when doing laundry. Some people like to do laundry in one day; others like to do it as soon as there is enough for a load. I prefer the second method. Who has an entire day to devote to laundry? I throw a load in the washer, as I am getting ready for dinner. The washer is typically done by the time I am either done eating or done preparing. I either hang dry the clothes or put them in the dryer. By the time I am done cleaning up and ready to relax, the dryer is done and I can fold the clothes while watching something on TV. Ahh, the joy of multitasking!
  1. Putting clothes away – This is the biggest hurdle of doing the laundry for most. Now that the laundry is done, it’s time to put away your clothing. Putting away YOUR clothing is enough, so in order to save yourself time, teach your family members how to put away their own clothes. Label drawers or shelves to show them where their clothes should go. Additionally, we’ve all been taught to fold clothing, however I’ve discovered that rolling is best. Roll your clothes and put them in the drawer from front to back. The next time you’re looking for a shirt, it will be so much easier to find and you can bet it will be less wrinkled.

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