PURGE! Cleaning Out the Playroom

Cleaning Out the Playroom

Christmastime is magical for kids, and a part of the magic is the toys that Santa brings. So now that Christmas is behind us – what is the state of your children’s playroom since the onslaught of new toys? It might be time to clean out the playroom! Below are three tips to make cleaning out the playroom process as easy and efficient as possible.

  1. Check for broken toys – Are there toys with missing wheels, or items the dog has chewed? These can be tossed. I hate to put things in the landfill, but unless you can recycle any part of the toys, trash it.
  2. Say goodbye to outgrown toys – If there are baby toys hanging around, and your kids are toddlers or older, it’s time for those to go. If you’re anticipating having more kids, you can put these items in storage. If you’re done having more children, donate them to your friends with younger kids. You can always see if organizations like your local fire department, hospital, shelter, social services division, or daycare are accepting donations. Salvation Army and Goodwill used to take all toys, but they are being more selective. Call or visit their donation site before bringing toys there.
  3. Determine if you want your children to participate – There are advantages and disadvantages either way. The advantage of them not being there is that it will go a lot faster. The disadvantage is that you may get rid of one of their most treasured objects and have to listen to them cry. If you do this task with your children, you are teaching them life lessons on how to let go of items. You will also teach them that there are less fortunate children who can really use and love the toys that they either have outgrown or no long play with. Bringing them along to the donation location, if appropriate, will also show them the gratitude of those accepting their toys. A win, win situation for all!

Next year, try to clean out the playroom in advance of the new toy arrivals. You can involve your kids and have them make room for the new toys that Santa will bring. By doing this, you can donate the old toys around the holidays and make a child’s holiday a little more special.

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