Tip Tuesday: The Right Way to Fold Your Clothes

There are two types of people. Those who love to fold clothes, and those who do not. Some find this process therapeutic, and others? Well, they could care less if their clothes were rolled up in a ball. While it does feel great to open a drawer to perfectly flat clothes, there is also a reason for this. It saves SPACE.

If you are like most of my clients, you are trying to fit a lot of clothes into your drawers. It’s time to learn how to fold so you can maximize this precious space.

You’ll find that when clothing is organized, you really can fit more in and it is so much easier to see and grab. Below are a few tips to properly folding and storing your clothing:

T-shirts – We’ve all seen the perfectly pressed and folded clothing at department stores. This is how you should be folding your own clothes. Once they’re folded, stack them vertically, so that you can see them rather than stacking them one on top of the other.

If you have shallow drawers, see if rolling your tops allows you to fit more in than just folding them. Again, having them stored vertically (or front to back) vs. horizontally will allow easier access and selection.

Bras – if you have all your bras lined up in a drawer with the cups nestled into each other, you not only can fit more it, but the bras will keep their shape longer.

Underwear – Instead of throwing them in a drawer, fold them into squares and line them up vertically. To do so, lay the underwear flat. Bring 1/3 of the underwear to the center and then bring the other 1/3 to the center. Fold up the bottom section and you should have a nice square. Bonus: if you put them in a box inside the drawer they will stand up better.

Socks – There are many different ways to fold socks. Some like to roll them tightly like they do in the military. Others fold the pair in half, while others will roll the cuffs back to keep the pair together. It really is a matter of preference. However, taking the time to pair them, will save you time in the morning!

If your drawers are in need of properly folded clothing, I challenge you to tackle one drawer a week this month. This is a realistic goal, and before you know it, you’ll have yourself an organized dresser. What other clothes do you fold and how does it save you space?

Photo: Real Simple

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