Nineteen Uses for a Closet Organizer Not Involving Clothes

Nineteen Uses for a Closet Organizer Not Involving Clothes

You know those organizers with pockets that you can hang on a closet rod or over the door? They are useful for a lot more than just clothes. Buy one with clear pockets so you can see what is inside or label the pockets with a label maker or masking tape.

In the spirit of a fresh start for the new year, here are nineteen uses for a closet organizer not involving clothes:

  1. Cosmetics
  2. Grooming products (hairbrushes, combs, razors, pumice stone)
  3. First aid (Band-Aids, ointments)
  4. Pet items
  5. Pens and pencils
  6. Facial cloths/hand towels
  7. Sewing necessities (small sewing kits, thread, needles, pins in an old pill bottle)
  8. Storage bags
  9. Tape (scotch, masking, electrical, duct)
  10. Nail polish
  11. Barbie dolls and their accessories
  12. Office supplies (Rubber bands, sticky notes, binder clips)
  13. Cleaning supplies
  14. Snacks
  15. Jewelry
  16. Smart phone/tablet/computer items (Charging cables & bricks, headphones)
  17. Herb garden (poke a drain hole in the bottom of each pocket, fill with dirt, plant your herbs, and hang outside)
  18. Craft materials
  19. Packaged breakfast items (oatmeal, hot chocolate, tea)

What clever uses have YOU discovered?

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