Purge! 3 Things to Purge from Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, right? Take a look around. Does your room give off that calm feeling when you walk into your room? Is it clutter free and serene? Your room is for sleeping, rest and relaxation, so if you feel stressed by simply looking around your room, it’s time for a change. Below is a list of what to purge to restore a sense of calm in your bedroom.

  1. Technology – Most of us are guilty of having your smart phones next to our bed. You may use it as your alarm; however having that possible interruption of a text message or an alert coming in while you are sleeping in a dark room is anything but restful. If you must have your phone in your bedroom, make sure it is set to silent mode and more than ten feet away from your bed. Also, be sure to turn it upside down in case you do get a text. Better yet, can you put it in your bathroom or out of your room? Best option, buy an alarm clock and leave your phone out of the room! By doing this, you’ll sleep better and wake up rested.
  1. Old books & magazines – Are there books and magazines in your bedroom collecting dust? It’s time to move the books to storage and get rid of the old magazines. It’s best to only keep magazines in your bedroom if you really read them there. If not, move them out to create a less cluttered look. Now, look around for books that you have already read. Donate them to your local library or charity, or store them in your library.
  1. Jewelry – What a great project to tackle this winter! I am sure you have costume jewelry that is just sitting around that you don’t like or wear anymore. Pass it on to your daughter, or donate it. If you have fine jewelry, see about selling it online or at a local pawnshop.
  1. Shoes – Ahh, ALL of those shoes in your closet. Do you really wear them? First, purge the shoes that are heavily worn or ruined. Old flip-flops or shoes with worn soles should be donated or thrown out. If you have professional shoes that you don’t wear, donate them to a charity like Dress for Success. If you do a seasonal swap of clothes, also swap out your shoes to create more space in your closet for boots and winter shoes.
  1. Pillows and blankets – When is the last time you replaced your pillows? According to the Sleep Council, pillows should be replaced every two years and duvets should be thrown away after five years. Dust mites and other yucky things can collect in pillows and duvets so it is important to get rid of them on a regular basis. After all, isn’t our health worth it?

Now that you have your marching orders for your bedroom purge, schedule some time in your calendar to put this into action! What else have you edited from your bedroom to create a more serene environment?

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