Where Are Your Important Papers?

Where Are Your Important Papers?

No one ever plans to be sick or disabled yet planning for such an emergency can make all the difference. Do you have such a plan? Do you know where your important papers are located?

The National Institute on Aging has a fabulous checklist for preparing and organizing legal documents and important papers. You do not have to be “aging” to need this level of organization. Think of it this way: if something happens to you, would your spouse, children, other family members, designated health proxy, and power of attorney be able to readily access critical information to take care of you and your affairs. Utilize this website to ensure that they do:

National Institute on Aging

This past summer, a friend of mine was in a near fatal car accident. She had multiple broken bones and a concussion. Her children were, thankfully, located near her and were able to jump in to take over; however, no one knew IF she even had a will, power or attorney, or health proxy. It turns out that she did not have any. All those important documents were still being edited. My friend never imagined that they would be needed for a while, so she just put them aside to be done later.

My advice, please do not put off doing this important paperwork. One never knows what the future will bring. As a result, start working on this project today!

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