5 Tips for Creating a Homework Hub

The start of school is around the corner and for some of you it has already started. There’s a lot to get in order before the big day arrives – new school supplies, clothing and schedules! Pretty soon your kids will start coming home with their first homework assignments. Do they have a space to do their homework? Enter the homework hub.

By giving your kids a dedicated schoolwork space, they’ll have a place to call their own. Designate a special nook just for homework—such as a table in a common area or a desk in their room. Make sure the “homework hub” is stocked with everything they’ll need to stay focused and make the most of study time. Below are five tips to consider when bringing to life your homework hub:

  1. Pinpoint the location in your home. Some children will want you close by, so don’t assume a desk in their bedroom is the best location. Create a desk area that is in close proximity to where you will be during homework hours.
  2. Select homework supplies. Stock the homework hub with the supplies your children will need to complete their homework. It may change from year to year as they get older, but having the proper supplies on hand will eliminate any push back in completing their assignments.
  3. Ensure there is proper lighting. Don’t put the homework hub in a dark space. If there is not sufficient lighting, purchase a lamp to enhance their learning.
  4. Create a calendar. Encourage good time management skills by having a calendar available for each child. Working backwards from due dates will eliminate last-minute crunches.
  5. Buy an analog clock. Studies have shown that having an analog clock so children can see the passage of time is better for them than looking at a digital clock.

Setting up your homework hub now will help you and your children start off the school year set up for success!

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