Organize Your Children’s School Records

Organize Your Children’s School Records

This may be an ideal time to organize your children’s school records before they head back to school, whether it be in person or virtual for the upcoming academic year.

1) Sort – Gather all their papers and separate everything into piles per child. Then further break down the pile for each child by school year.

2) Separate – If you already have their papers sorted by school year, then you could further separate the schoolwork from any sports or clubs in which they participated Create a file for each child if you have more than one.

3) Storage – Store commonly requested documents such as vaccine records and birth certificates, among others, at the front of each child’s folder for easy access.

4) Digitize – As records come in, digitize them, and keep on a single USB or external drive organized by child and year, Ideally, one labeled drive per child.

5) Maintain Lists – Keep a list of school websites, teachers’ emails, and school phone numbers. Keep this handy, but in a secure location. 

You will be so happy to have this project completed by the time your children return to school. It may even be a fun, rainy day activity to work together, reviewing with them what they did when they were younger.

Photo: Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash