How to Maintain Houseplants

How to Maintain Houseplants

Feeling like you need to bring some nature into your home but don’t know how to properly maintain and keep plants alive? I know the feeling. I used to have a lot of indoor plants, but as I moved throughout the years, the plants didn’t. Let’s explore how to maintain houseplants.

Light – Consider what type of light you have in the areas you would like to add some greenery. Some indoor plants thrive in sunlight, whereas others prefer dim interiors. Matching required light to specific plants will set you up for healthier plant growth.

Quality Potting Soil – Just like we feed our bodies good nutrients, the soil for your plants needs to also be of good quality. Buy potting soil at a garden or nursery store.

Water – This is an area where many of us mess up. Certain plants love to be watered frequently, but there are a vast number of houseplants that do not require a lot of water to thrive. Do research to learn how best to water the plants you bring into your home.

Fertilizer – As you water plants, nutrients come out of the soil. Therefore, you will need to fertilize the plants regularly. If you have a flowering plant, fertilize once a month. When plants are not growing as much, typically in the winter, you don’t need to fertilize. If you see the plant is starting to change color and is dropping leaves, you may want to add some fertilizer.

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Photo: Unsplash