Murder Miss Eleni S

If you are like most people, admit it now: you have a file folder/drawer/bin called, “Miscellaneous”. Heck, you may also have a folder on your computer with the same name.

Murder “Miss Eleni S”. Get rid of it. Now. It is dangerous… so much so that you need to kill it.

Why? Because it’s too easy to dump everything into MISCELLANEOUS because, well, MISCELLANEOUS covers anything and everything. It Is akin to not putting things away. Find some common way to categorize the information or objects and sort them into those said categories.

When I start working with a client on paper management and we are sorting paper to go into a file, inevitably, the first name that comes to them is “Miscellaneous” when trying to decide on the name of a folder to which they can assign no earthly name. I say, “No, let’s talk about what the paper is and where you would likely look to find it.”

Your reward is that when you go to find the item or paper, you will have a specific place to zero in on, not a landfill to wade through.

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