Don’t Be a Jane or John Doe

Don’t Be a Jane or John Doe

Imagine this scenario: You are unconscious or unable to communicate because of an accident or medical event. Would first-responders or ER staff know whom to call?

What if you have kids to pick up from school or day care? Or pets home alone? Do you have a backup plan?

In this scenario, you don’t want to be a Jane or John Doe.

A few things you can do to guarantee that you are you is to carry a piece of paper with your name on it and emergency contact info in your pocket, even when you aren’t carrying a wallet (say out for a walk or run). I recently received a wrist wallet that allows me to carry my cell phone, key, credit card, and a note card with my name and emergency contact. I feel safe knowing I have the bare necessities with me without having to carry a purse. Most women’s clothing does not have pockets, yet we still need to carry important items.

You should also designate a family member or friend to be your kids’ and/or pets’ emergency person. Make sure they know what they need to know (what school your kids go to, where you hide the spare key, and where you stash the dog food).

Think through what someone would need to do for you until you are able to return home. Please let them know they are your go-to person, prepare written instructions for them, and keep those instructions where they can easily be found, such as on your refrigerator.

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