5 Photos You Should Keep on Your Phone (and a 6th If You Have a Dog)

5 Photos You Should Keep on Your Phone (and a 6th If You Have a Dog)

Chances are you have your phone with you more often than you carry your wallet. There are five photos that you should keep on your phone, just in case:

  1. Your driver’s license (and passport if traveling internationally)
  2. Your health insurance card(s)
  3. Your COVID-19 vaccination card
  4. Your car’s license plate (and that of any rental car you drive)
  5. Other IDs (work, school, and auto insurance)

And if you have a dog:

  1. Your dog’s rabies certificate

Where on your phone?

  • In Photos. Create an album called Documents so you don’t have to scroll through all your vacation pictures to find these important photos.
  • In Apple Notes. This has the added benefit of letting you lock the note and assign a password to protect it.
  • In the Cloud. Dropbox, iCloud, etc. where you need a password to access. Downside: you will need Internet access
  • In your password manager, in the Notes or Documents section.

Having these critical photos at the ready will be a lifesaver in an emergency. Keeping them up to date is even more important. Create a reminder in your calendar to update the photos as the identification information gets renewed or changes.

Photo: Pixabay

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